Diving course for beginners

Star 1​

We will then do 6 open water dives, during which we will gradually increase the depth, practice the skills we have acquired in open water conditions, and also enjoy the most exciting adventures of the inhabitants of the Red Sea underwater.

The theoretical part of the course consists of: five lessons per class, including video lessons, lectures, books, self-study, tests and an exam

The practical part consists of: five dives in closed water, during which we get used to the equipment, learn underwater skills, do a lot of exercises, work on motor skills and learn to prevent and solve various underwater problems. All this in calm and shallow water

After successfully completing the course, students receive a certificate that allows them to dive around the world with a partner up to 18 meters
Course duration 5 days

Star 2

You have successfully completed the first star course, you have received a certificate and now you are diving up to 18 meters and enjoying the underwater landscape. Apart from this depth there are many interesting things

A 2-star course consists of 6 dives and short lectures. Every dive is
Some of Paddy's various specializations as part of the "Diving Adventures" program
Like underwater navigation, wrecked boats, perfect balance, deep and night dives and so on. We will do these five dives that deal with different specialties, and we will do one "pan" dive at the end of the cold

Successful completion of the course, students receive advanced diver certificates will be able to dive all over the world with a partner to a depth of up to 30 meters

Dear diver! In order for the dive to be a pleasant experience, you are asked to fill out this form and confirm your consent

Please note that any attempt to avoid complete disclosure of any fact concerning your health will remove from us any liability for any damage that may be caused to you as a result of the dive, and the cancellation of any complaint, and / or claim of any kind.

Medical statement:

I have no history of: breathing problems, heart problems, diabetes, sinus problems, ear infections, asthma, recent surgeries or diseases, claustrophobia, drug use, or any other limitation. I'm not pregnant.

I know you are not allowed to fly 4 hours after the introductory dive.

Refund is possible only before receiving a briefing and heading towards the water. Upon receipt of a briefing, the service becomes non-refundable. We ask for your consent to post your photos on social media, tick yes in the box of the post if you approve.

צולל יקר! כדי שהצלילה תהפוך לחוויה נעימה,  אתם מתבקשים למלא טופס זה ולאשר הסכמתכם.

לתשומת לבך, כל נסיון להימע מגילוי מוחלט של כל עובדה הנוגעת לבריאותך, יסיר מאיתנו כל אחריות לכל נזק שעלול להיגרם לך כתוצאה מהצלילה, וביטול כל תלונה, ו \ או טענה של כל סוג.

הצהרה רפאוית:

אין לי היסטוריה של: בעיות נשימה, בעיות לב, סוכרת, בעיות בסינוסים, דלקת אוזניים, אסטמה, ניתוחים או מחלות לאחרונה, קלוסטרופוביה, שימוש בתרופות, או כל מגבלה אחרת. אני לא בהריון. 

אני יודע שאסור לטוס 4 שעות לאחר צלילת הכירות.

החזר כספי אפשרי רק לפני קבלת תדריך ויצאה לכיוון המים. לאחר קבלת תדריך, השירות הופך ללא החזר כספי. אנו מבקשים את הסכמתך לפרסם את התמונות שלך ברשתות חברתיות, סמן כן במשבצה של הפירסום במידה ואתה מאשר.

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